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08-24-2023 | Congratulations to Aleksandra on winning the UNC Postdoctoral Award for Research Excellence!

03-16-2023 | Congratulations to Cathy on UNC Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award!

02-16-2023 | Cathy’s and Aleksandra’s paper is out today in Nature Chemical Biology!

10-31-2022 | Rob’s review in Current Opinion in Structural Biology is selected as runner-up for Best Paper of 2021!

08-17-2022 |  Congratulations to Nate on successful defense of his PhD thesis!


05-26-2022 |  TR-FRET for nucleosome binding and foot-printing studies! Nate’s paper goes online today. Congrats Nate!

05-19-2022 |  Gabby wins Diane Harris Leadership Award! A well-deserved honor for everything Gabby has done to promote diversity in STEM in the department and beyond. Congrats Gabby!

05-07-2022 | Congrats to Dalal on her graduation! A very successful undergrad tenure: three co-authored papers, an NSF GFRP, speaking at the Chancellor’s Science Scholars Finalist Weekend, and a Frances P. Venable Medal. Best of luck with your graduate studies at Duke!

04-20-2022 | One of our undergrads, Maya, presents her research at the Biology undergraduate poster session. Great work Maya!

04-07-2022 | Gabby’s paper showing how VRK1 binds to and functions on chromatin using structural biology, biochemistry, and cell biology in in print today! Congrats Gabby! Gabby’s extended family joins for the presentation and celebration.

04-04-2022 | Dalal is first undergrad in McGinty lab to defend a thesis! Oh and she found out today she was awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship for her PhD studies. Way to go Dalal!

03-23-2022 | Gabby defends thesis! An exciting semester for the McGinty lab.

03-01-2022 | Cathy joins the Gouaux at OHSU for postdoctoral studies.

02-15-2022 | Check out Cathy’s paper on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of DOT1L function using single molecule FRET and cancer cell biology. A fantastic collaboration with Tae-Hee Lee at Penn State and Greg Wang here at UNC.


01-27-2022 | Cathy is first PhD student from McGinty lab to (masterfully) defend a thesis. So proud! Setting a high bar for the group!


08-20-2021 | Gabby’s structure of MPP8 bound to peptidomimetic molecular probe published in ACS Chem Biol as part of collaboration with James and Hathaway groups at UNC!

06-29-2021 | Check out our new mini-review on the principles of nucleosome recognition in Curr Opin Struct Biol written with Song Tan.

06-01-2021 | We welcome Eyla who joins the group as a research technician!

04-23-2021 | Gabby wins one more: Poster Award, 2021 Women in Science Symposium!

04-12-2021 | Gabby also awarded Best Oral Presentation by a Graduate Student at the MiBio Symposium. Congrats Gabby!

03-26-2021 | Congrats to Gabby on her Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award at the BCBP Annual research retreat.

02-22-2021 | Cathy presents at Biophysical Society meeting.

02-04-2021 | Cathy presents cGAS-nucleosome structure at Keystone Symposium on Frontiers of Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

09-10-2020 | Check out Cathy’s new structure of cGAS-nucleosome complex in collaboration with Qi Zhang’s lab also at UNC — out today in Science. The structure shows how nuclear cGAS is inactivated by acidic patch binding.

09-01-2020 | Welcome to our new postdoc Ken!

08-01-2020 | Cathy awarded NCI F99/K00 transitional fellowship!

07-15-2020 | Aleksandra gives seminar in the Fragile Nucleosome Seminar Series. Check it out!

07-07-2020 | Aleksandra’s nucleosome interactome screen featured as Breakthrough Article in Nucleic Acids Research. Congrats!

06-15-2020 | We welcome Holly as a new technician!

05-10-2020 | Carinne is our first graduate! Congrats!

04-02-2020 | Our newest graduate student, Yani, joins the lab!

11-04-2019 | We welcome our two Winter rotation students, Jeanne-Marie and Abigail!

10-30-2019 | Happy Halloween from the McGinty lab!

10-11-2019 | Cathy wins short presentation award at Biochemistry retreat!

09-27-2019 | Maya is the newest undergraduate student to join our team!

08-19-2019 | Charlotte joins the group as a technician!

06-03-2019 | Welcome to our new technician, Andrew.

05-10-2019  |  Congrats to Nate on passing his Candidacy Exam.

04-06-2019  |  Cathy and Yuka run a booth for the NC Science Expo about protein structure.


02-12-2019  |  Congrats to Cathy on cryo-EM structure of Dot1L in complex with a H2BK120ub nucleosome published in Cell Reports!

01-24-2019  |  Aleksandra awarded prestigious American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship. Congrats!

12-20-2018  |  Check out our new manuscript showing the structural basis of Dot1L-H2B ubiquitylation crosstalk on BioRxiv.

12-17-2018  |  Lab holiday outing: curling. It was amazing as it sounds!

10-05-2018  |  Congratulations to Aleksandra for her poster awards at both the 43rd Annual Lineberger Postdoc-Faculty Research Day and the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Retreat!

09-23-2018  |  Chromatin Chicks conquer DNA Dudes in lab relay triathlon.

08-26-2018  |  Lab members enjoying a hike in Poland during a trip for Aleksandra’s wedding.

08-21-2018  |  Welcome to new undergrad Dalal!

06-29-2018  |  Emily leaves for pharmacy school — best of luck to Emily!

06-05-2018  |  Congratulations to Cathy and Gabby for passing Candidacy Exams!

05-29-2018  |  Yuka joins the lab as our new technician. Welcome Yuka!

04-20-2018  |  Nate joins the lab. Belated congrats to Nate for being awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship!

04-15-2018  |  Aleksandra selected for UNC Cancer Epigenetics Training Program.

12-12-2017  |  We escaped the room!

08-28-2017  |  Welcome to our first undergrads, Carinne and Maddie.

06-13-2017  |  Cathy selected for position on Biophysics training grant.

06-30-2017  |  Matt leaves for graduate school — best of luck at Harvard!

06-15-2017  |  Welcome to Erin Blanding our summer Young Innovators Program participant.

06-15-2017  |  Thanks to the Pew-Stewart Scholars in Cancer Research for selected Rob as a 2017 Scholar!

06-01-2017  |  Lab outing to the Museum of Life and Science for the Science of Eats.

05-30-2017  |  Emily joins the lab as a technician. Welcome Emily!

05-11-2017  |  Welcome to our first graduate students, Cathy and Gabby

03-01-2017  |  Aleksandra joins the lab as our first post-doc. Welcome Aleksandra!

03-15-2017  |  Rob named a 2017 Searle Scholar!

07-05-2016  |  Matt arrives from Penn State to become the first member of the McGinty lab.

07-01-2016  |  The McGinty lab is open for business!