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08-20-2021 | Gabby’s structure of MPP8 bound to peptidomimetic molecular probe published in ACS Chem Biol as part of collaboration with James and Hathaway groups at UNC!

06-29-2021 | Check out our new mini-review on the principles of nucleosome recognition in Curr Opin Struct Biol written with Song Tan.

06-01-2021 | We welcome Eyla who joins the group as a research technician!

04-23-2021 | Gabby wins one more: Poster Award, 2021 Women in Science Symposium!

04-12-2021 | Gabby also awarded Best Oral Presentation by a Graduate Student at the MiBio Symposium. Congrats Gabby!

03-26-2021 | Congrats to Gabby on her Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award at the BCBP Annual research retreat.

02-22-2021 | Cathy presents at Biophysical Society meeting.

02-04-2021 | Cathy presents cGAS-nucleosome structure at Keystone Symposium on Frontiers of Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

09-10-2020 | Check out Cathy’s new structure of cGAS-nucleosome complex in collaboration with Qi Zhang’s lab also at UNC — out today in Science. The structure shows how nuclear cGAS is inactivated by acidic patch binding.

09-01-2020 | Welcome to our new postdoc Ken!

08-01-2020 | Cathy awarded NCI F99/K00 transitional fellowship!

07-15-2020 | Aleksandra gives seminar in the Fragile Nucleosome Seminar Series. Check it out!

07-07-2020 | Aleksandra’s nucleosome interactome screen featured as Breakthrough Article in Nucleic Acids Research. Congrats!

06-15-2020 | We welcome Holly as a new technician!

05-10-2020 | Carinne is our first graduate! Congrats!

04-02-2020 | Our newest graduate student, Yani, joins the lab!

11-04-2019 | We welcome our two Winter rotation students, Jeanne-Marie and Abigail!

10-30-2019 | Happy Halloween from the McGinty lab!

10-11-2019 | Cathy wins short presentation award at Biochemistry retreat!

09-27-2019 | Maya is the newest undergraduate student to join our team!

08-19-2019 | Charlotte joins the group as a technician!

06-03-2019 | Welcome to our new technician, Andrew.

05-10-2019  |  Congrats to Nate on passing his Candidacy Exam.

04-06-2019  |  Cathy and Yuka run a booth for the NC Science Expo about protein structure.


02-12-2019  |  Congrats to Cathy on cryo-EM structure of Dot1L in complex with a H2BK120ub nucleosome published in Cell Reports!

01-24-2019  |  Aleksandra awarded prestigious American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship. Congrats!

12-20-2018  |  Check out our new manuscript showing the structural basis of Dot1L-H2B ubiquitylation crosstalk on BioRxiv.

12-17-2018  |  Lab holiday outing: curling. It was amazing as it sounds!

10-05-2018  |  Congratulations to Aleksandra for her poster awards at both the 43rd Annual Lineberger Postdoc-Faculty Research Day and the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Retreat!

09-23-2018  |  Chromatin Chicks conquer DNA Dudes in lab relay triathlon.

08-26-2018  |  Lab members enjoying a hike in Poland during a trip for Aleksandra’s wedding.

08-21-2018  |  Welcome to new undergrad Dalal!

06-29-2018  |  Emily leaves for pharmacy school — best of luck to Emily!

06-05-2018  |  Congratulations to Cathy and Gabby for passing Candidacy Exams!

05-29-2018  |  Yuka joins the lab as our new technician. Welcome Yuka!

04-20-2018  |  Nate joins the lab. Belated congrats to Nate for being awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship!

04-15-2018  |  Aleksandra selected for UNC Cancer Epigenetics Training Program.

12-12-2017  |  We escaped the room!

08-28-2017  |  Welcome to our first undergrads, Carinne and Maddie.

06-13-2017  |  Cathy selected for position on Biophysics training grant.

06-30-2017  |  Matt leaves for graduate school — best of luck at Harvard!

06-15-2017  |  Welcome to Erin Blanding our summer Young Innovators Program participant.

06-15-2017  |  Thanks to the Pew-Stewart Scholars in Cancer Research for selected Rob as a 2017 Scholar!

06-01-2017  |  Lab outing to the Museum of Life and Science for the Science of Eats.

05-30-2017  |  Emily joins the lab as a technician. Welcome Emily!

05-11-2017  |  Welcome to our first graduate students, Cathy and Gabby

03-01-2017  |  Aleksandra joins the lab as our first post-doc. Welcome Aleksandra!

03-15-2017  |  Rob named a 2017 Searle Scholar!

07-05-2016  |  
Matt arrives from Penn State to become the first member of the McGinty lab.

07-01-2016  |  The McGinty lab is open for business!